Plein Air Painting General Principles & Tips For Beginners. Book By David Freedman

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David Freedman brings a lifetime of experiences to the demanding yet inspiring challenge of creating a work of art outdoors in the real world. Training as a General Surgeon after studying medicine at Melbourne University, he has worked in many parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the wider Pacific, tending to the needs of diverse communities and teaching others the skills of his profession. It was the intensely demanding nature of that role and the stresses it brought on a daily basis that took him to the world of art and in particular to plein air painting. The creative process became the perfect antidote to the demands of his profession and now, in retirement, he brings that knowledge and experience to the inspiring task of helping others to make art that is meaningful, uplifting and challenging. David starts at the beginning and leads the newcomer into the wonderful worlds of art and nature, not for fame or fortune but for the far more important goals of personal satisfaction, the development of new skills, creative purpose and the chance to interact with others at the most elemental level. 

Creating a work of art outdoors in nature is one of the most satisfying challenges available to us. We can admire the work of others on the walls of our friends’ homes, in art galleries and published in books and each new encounter sparks the desire to create something ourselves. But knowing where to start and how to progress can be daunting, creating a block to ever taking up the challenge. The media lauds the famous, the infamous, the outlandish and the bizarre when it comes to art, yet for most of us there is nothing more engaging and compelling than a modest work that speaks with honesty and joy of an encounter with a place that moves the artist and viewer alike. This book provides a door through which anyone with an interest can begin to make the discoveries that might carry one through a lifetime. It sets out to answer the questions of those excited by the challenge, eager to bring meaning and expression to their understanding of the world. There is no age limit or qualification on the capacity to create a work of art, just the need for sound advice, clear directions and an understanding of the challenges to be taken.