About The Author


David Freedman ArtDavid Freedman brings a lifetime of experiences to the demanding yet inspiring challenge of creating a work of art outdoors in the real world. Born in Melbourne in 1944, David grew up in a family where art was front and centre in daily life, yet chose a very different career path for himself. Training as a General Surgeon after studying medicine at Melbourne University, he has worked in many parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the wider Pacific, tending to the needs of diverse communities and teaching others the skills of his profession. It was the intensely demanding nature of that role andDavid Freedman Surgeon, Author & Artist the stresses it brought on a daily basis that took him to the world of art and in particular to plein air painting. The creative process became the perfect antidote to the demands of his profession and now, in retirement, he brings that knowledge and experience to the inspiring task of helping others to make art that is meaningful, uplifting and challenging




Plein Air Painting  Basic Principles and Tips for Beginners .

In his first publication David starts at the beginning and leads the newcomer into the wonderful worlds of art and nature, not for fame or fortune but for the far more important goals of personal satisfaction, the development of new skills, creative purpose and the chance to interact with others at the most elemental level. 




AUSTRALIA'S BIRDS produced in collaboration with author Richard Steele and designer Gavin Fry is a state of the art publication which sets out to celebrate the beauty and diversity of many of the bird species we all share our lives with in Australia.