Plein Air Painting By David FreedmanIn my first publication on the general principles of Plein Air painting I wish to express my most sincere thanks to the many artists with whom I have been fortunate to paint over
the last 40 years for all their advice, criticism and encouragement.  Gerald Frost, Craig Whittle and Bill Caldwell kindly read the manuscript a number of times, pointing out the errors and making many helpful suggestions. For their time and considerable effort I give my sincere thanks.  Over the years I have had the good fortune to attend workshops under the tuition of Maxwell Wilks, Richard McKinley, Lyn Diefenbach, Regina Hona and John Wilson and thank them sincerely for the many insights I gained. Lastly, I wish to acknowledge the hard work, enthusiasm and sheer professionalism of Gavin Fry for his brilliant work in designing this publication and agreeing to write the forward and the cover text.               In our most recent publication AUSTRALIA'S BIRDS Richard Steele and I  are extremely grateful to Robin Hill, an artist and ornithological authority of world renown ,for kindly accepting our request to write the foreword for this book. We wish to thank our wives Barbara and Narelle for their loving support, helpful advice and generous patience over the course of this project. We would also like to acknowledge the encouragement and many suggestions from our amazing families and many friends. Thank you to Gavin Fry for his enthusiasm, professionalism, advice and excellent design in the publishing of this book.