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AUSTRALIA'S BIRDS By David Freedman & Richard Steele Forward By Robin Hill

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AUSTRALIA’S BIRDS is a beautiful coffee table book measuring 275 by 305 mm. It has 292 pages including text and some 240 watercolour paintings of Australia's most common and interesting birds.  David Freedman's  illustrations set out to depict the personality of each bird species and Richard Steele's informative and often humorous text make it a publication in which you will find something new every time you open it.  The Forward has been graciously penned by renowned Australian ornithologist, author, illustrator and naturalist Robin Hill.

This book sets out to be quite different from other books on birds. It’s simple and elegant design by expert Gavin Fry is aimed directly at celebrating the beauty and diversity of our Australia’s birds. The quality, unique format, modern design and state of the art printing ensure this publication will become an instant favourite with all age groups and a future collectors item. Each illustration has been individually calibrated with the printed image by Adams printers of Melbourne.

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